Get out there… at h.Energy

It is now confirmed that the h.Energy Market will be making an appearance as part of the h.Energy weekend (14th – 15th October).

This is an opportunity to bring your own local sustainable activity, produce, business, craft or community project into the heart of this year’s h.Energy events. 

As you know, h.Energy is a motivational weekend of learning, laughter, creativity and fun for all the family. As usual it will feature a diverse mix of inspirational workshops and discussions, film, music, crafts and activities – however this year most of those activities will be taking place across just 2 venues: Queenswood Country Park and Hereford Left Bank Village.

To book a weekend stall in the busy and lovely De Koffie Pot Courtyard at Left Bank Village please contact asap and ask for a booking form. There are a small number of market stalls available for hire to local community organisations, producers, crafters, and energy saving companies.

As usual we are only asking for a donation to cover costs from HGN community groups who would like to come along – aiming to make stalls as accessible as possible for volunteer organisations with the help of fuller payments from more financed organisations.


Please note that this year h.Energy is almost entirely run by a team of dedicated volunteers, and sponsorship arrangements are also possible for any local organisations who might be interested!

Hoping to hear from you…

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