“Focus On” Marcher Apple Network

Marcher Apple Network (MAN) is a charity which strives to protect old varieties of apples and pears in a number of different ways. We offer opportunities for communities to get local traditional apple varieties for grafting and in support in acquiring orchard management and curation skills (if Trustees agree there might be some paid work in these areas).

MAN is well connected to Cider Museum, Gloucestershire Orchard Trust, National Fruit Collection and other UK orchard groups. We work closely with local specialist Nurseries (Tom the Apple Man, Dolau-hirion, Walcot and FPMatthews). We have carried out extensive DNA testing for identification and parentage work and we are happy to assist with apples (and pears to a degree).

We’re keen to involve more folk from Herefordshire to help pass on skills and foster the next generation of pomologists. For more information please visit our website (click here) or contact Ainsleigh via ainsleigh_jennifer@btinternet.com

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