Calling all HGN Members!

Many of you have valuable projects happening in your local community that would inspire others around the county. 

Herefordshire Council are currently developing a website that will accompany their launch of the CEE (Climate and Ecological Emergency) Action Plan in January 2021. They are looking for projects and activities that are already happening around Herefordshire that might help others understand the types of actions they can take to support CEE Action. The aim of these ‘case studies’ on the website will be to inspire and facilitate others to develop their own activities around the county.  In particular they are still looking for projects that address food / landuse and farming, energy, and waste – but transport and building projects would also be of interest.  

If any of you have a local project you would be happy to have shared – and in particular projects that might benefit from some publicity – please write 100 words about the project, accompany it with a photo and send it along to me – and I will pass it on.