“Green Connections”: Helen Heathfield

My name’s Helen and I am the Chair of Stretton Grandison Group Parish Council and support worker for Herefordshire’s local Green Parties. I help get Green councillors elected and assist both them and the local parties in functioning well. I love my job because I see Green politicians making a difference every day, in Herefordshire, the UK and across the world. 

During this difficult year an important part of my work has been keeping meetings and social events happening, to help everyone feel connected and supported. Just this week we held a fascinating and inspirational talk with Daniel Raven-Ellison, creator of Slow Ways

Slow Ways seeks to promote a range of routes that connect our villages, towns and cities. It’s an innovative project yet also respectful of our ancient walking history. It could play a pivotal role in switching everyday and special journeys from wheels to feet. To understand more, here’s the video of our Slow Ways event.  

Ledbury was the first council to officially support Slow Ways and now we’re keen for Herefordshire to test all its Slow Ways. Let’s enjoy a mass of walks throughout the last week of January, to banish the winter doldrums and lead the way. Please tell me if you can take on a route or organise the routes in your area. Thank you!

helen.heathfield@greenparty.org.uk 07932 039031