Anita’s message

So many of us will feel shocked and saddened to hear the news that Anita Sancha died yesterday (Thursday). She was such a vibrant, joyful, creative, kind and vital member of our Transition community in Herefordshire, and her activism and film making reached much further afield.

Please send me any thoughts about Anita that you would like shared and I’ll make a proper posting in a few weeks time – or if someone would like to write a full obituary please do let me know.

For now, and for those of you who might not have met her, here is a link to her work:

And given the time of year, here’s a link to a very beautiful film she made with New Leaf as part of h.Energy 2013 at an h.Energy Market in High Town. Anita helped children to draw images of the future as they imagined it and then helped them bring their drawings to life with animation. It was such a beautiful and simple thing – the children loved it. 

(the SMILE image is a drawing from Anita)

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