The HGN Calendar

A number of people have commented recently that there are so often clashes of events around the county … the h.Energy weekend is a case in point!!

…. How good it would be of there was one calendar that we could all visit where we could check details of events around the county that share a common interest in sustainable / regenerative / energy saving / Transition themes.

Well.. (& this isn’t entirely fool-proof given the vagaries of work and life that pull attention away from a task at hand) .. as far as possible we do try to keep the HGN website Calendar up to date, and add to it all the events that you send us.

So – if you’d like to know whether your fabulous event will clash with another fabulous event try checking here to find out:

And in order to make this work, please send your event listings our way. Ideally paste the details into the body of an email (so thats its easy for us to copy & paste) and send to

Or if you have a google calendar yourselves – lets link!


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