Welcome to the Herefordshire Green Network!

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Welcome to our many new HGN Group Members and to those of you who receive this newsletter via your Parish Council, local green organisation or email group.

We are delighted that our weekly / daily newsletters are becoming more and more popular and now go out to over 450 people each week directly (and are then are even more widely shared around HGN membership groups around the county). Previous news posts can be found in the News section of our website.

If you are involved with a group, organisation, parish/town council or business in Herefordshire who have an interest in environmental issues and are not currently one of our 80+ HGN Member Groups we would be delighted if you could encourage them to sign up to join us! Your generosity with membership fees and donations also play an increasingly vital role in keeping HGN in business supporting so many groups and activities around the county. 

More than ever in these challenging and exciting times, we are keen to make sure that as many people as possible have access to our growing network of organisations across the county.

If you are not already an individual HGN Member, signing up is easy, cheap and vital to support our: free weekly newsletter, ongoing work with Member groups: our exciting projects and our input to countywide Carbon Reduction plans – just click here to join.