The Big Wave

The Rebellion in London has got everyone talking, Greta has come to visit and even Michael Gove says he is listening – whatever next? Could we be on the cusp of real change? People seem to be in the right mood. The BBC even put Climate Change on prime time telly! It is incredibly exciting but all of this makes it even more vital for us to keep on fighting. For anyone who hasn’t read or heard Greta’s speech to MPs, here it is – share it with friends and family. I was delighted to hear her on the Today Show on Tuesday morning, but horrified to hear them end the programme by interviewing two people (with supposedly opposing views) who both dismissed her timeline (of aiming for Carbon Neutrality by 2025) as ‘unrealistic’. Heartbreaking.

So what’s next for us? The Gathering saw us develop the Elevator Pitch for Councillors which we will be repeating at Midday on the 4th of May at Spring Greens Fair. Come and join us and become a part of the movement.

Here’s hoping for a good year!

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