Online offerings (and help to get access)

HGN introduction to Zoom session

If you would like to try out Zoom away from the pressure of a formal meeting some members of HGN will be online to support an informal introductory session and chat on Wednesday 25th March between 4 – 4.30pm. If you would like to join this chat please follow the Zoom download instructions and sign in for this meeting just before it starts by clicking this link:

The instructions about how to set up Zoom on your computer are shown in a document on the HGN website (Resources/HGN Documents/General)

Free weekly Zoom introductions with Rebecca Tully

Rebecca is doing free Zoom introductions on Mondays at 11am. Please feel free to join and share

HGN workshop this week

HGN workshop this week – Wednesday 25th March 5pm to 7pm Social Media and Working Online

Emergence Magazine

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, Emergency Magazine are hosting a new range of online sessions – see for more details.

Contributor Conversations each week will feature an Emergence contributor reading an excerpt from an essay and discussing their creative process every week.

Book Club each month the Emergence Magazine Book Club will read a book written by one of their our contributors.

Nature Writing Courses – an opportunity to explore and develop creative work—non-fiction, fiction, or poetry—in response to given prompts.

Four part workshop, Embracing Vulnerability and Connection –Led by Spiritual Ecology facilitator Amrita Bhohi

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