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Student Strike hits Herefordshire

Students across the world have taken to the streets today to protest against climate change inaction. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, young people have decided to teach the grown ups how it is done and shown strength and resolve in a bid to save themselves from an uncertain future. Not to be outdone, Herefordshire students also took part, with hundreds protesting across the county, including outside Jesse Norman’s office in a bid to inspire him and his colleagues in Parliament to do more!

Please share your images and stories from today! We are so moved and inspired by the scenes witnessed; it gives us more hope than we thought possible. Thank you young people!

For images and analysis, click here and here

It will also please you to know that Ms Thunberg has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize to be decided later this year. Read more about it here!

Members’ Meeting; 20th of March

We’re having a meeting for all members at De Koffie Pot (Gwynne House; on the left as you come into the courtyard) from 5.30pm this coming Wednesday. This is a chance for us all to meet and discuss our plans and hopes for the future of the county, as well as giving us a platform in which to share ideas and help one another. Please email Alice at if you would like anything specific to go on the agenda.

We look forward to seeing you there!

‘Down to Earth’; HGN Film night at the Courtyard

We will be holding another film night at the Courtyard in the next couple of weeks giving you the chance to watch ‘Down to Earth’, a wonderful film by Renata Heinen and Rolf Winters. The Courtyard will be showing this film on two evenings but only one is officially an HGN event. However, this link takes you to the Courtyard website, feel free to pick the date that suits you best! The first showing is on the 25th of March at 8pm, with the official HGN showing happening on the 3rd of April at the same time, followed by a panel discussion.

What is this film about? Breaking away from convention, Rolf Winters and his family went on a five year journey to find a new perspective on life. Their life with tribal communities around the world has led to a thought-provoking cinematic experience of ancient, earthly wisdom. Down to Earth is a mirror to humanity, a poignant and timely reflection on our civilized world. The movie invites us to see the world through the eyes of the Keepers of the Earth. It takes us on an inner journey, connecting us with the source and the mutual path we are walking.

Here is the trailer!

Please join us to watch this thought provoking film!

Climate Change, Carbon and Land Use; What can be done?

Since we urgently need to become a net zero carbon county and country, what factors concerning our land influence this the most?

About this Event:

Dr Simon Jeffery is joining us from Harper Adams University to discuss how the land influences climate change and options there are for us to change from the present situation.

Dr Jeffery is a soil microbial ecologist by training with a PhD in this subject area from Cranfield University . His main interests are in ecosystem functioning and in particular how soil organisms drive processes and functions across a range of scales from local to global. His work has been focused on understanding such processes with the aim of harnessing them to the benefit of us all in terms of increasing the productivity and sustainability of our use of soils.

Doors open at 7pm and there will be information of interest to see before the talk starts at 7.30pm

The event will include time after the talk for further discussion when canapés and drinks will be available . It is free of charge and supported by KLEEN but donations will be welcome.

KLEEN email :


KLEEN Facebook:

KLEEN Twitter: @kingtonkleen

Business Futures Forum Event – This Friday 15th March 2019 from 9am – 11am at the Green Dragon Hotel

Hi There
This is a reminder of the next Business Futures Forum event happening this Friday. Thought it might be of interest so inviting you personally.
As you will recall we meet a couple of times a year to visit business that are working hard on their environmental and social footprint and in doing so also helping the economic bottom line.
This Friday our visit takes us to the Green Dragon project in central Hereford – An iconic Hereford landmark and a fascinating development for Hereford.  What are they up to ??   Come and find out on Friday where Julian Vaughan will give you the first hand answers. 

Business Futures Forum Event
Friday 15th March 2019 from 9am – 11am at the Green Dragon Hotel, Broad Street, Hereford HR4 9BG

A consortium of predominately local investors led by Julian Vaughan have bought the historic hotel and intend to refurbish the Grade II listed building to its former glory.
Julian Vaughan will be speaking about the Green Dragon project at the event and will be demonstrating how they are sustainably refurbishing the hotel.
The areas being discussed will include;energy saving and supporting local food and businesses. The event will showcase the progress of the refurbishment works and attendees would be welcome to go on a tour of the hotel afterwards.
Additionally, Will Vaughan, owner of local business ‘Pedicargo’ will be speaking about his business, how he will be working with the consortium as well as provide information on the Business Futures Forum.
Please book tickets for this fascinating event now on Eventbrite.
The programme for the event is as follows:
9 am arrival with tea and coffee
9.30 Welcome from Gareth
9.35 Julian will speak on the Green Dragon project and plans
9.55 Will to speak re BFF and Pedicargo experience
10.10/15 Tours of the hotel and tea/coffee or tootle off

Transport Consultation Ends on the 11th!

I know – you’ve heard it before. I’ve written it before. But it is so so important, that we have to keep talking and sharing and helping people fill out the form. The information provided by the council is not easy to navigate, so let’s talk to people, answer their questions and get them writing! The plans have been designed by people who do not walk, cycle or use public transport. We need a bigger vision and better ideas to make this city workable for all. The transport hub is a bus stop. That is not enough! We need park and ride spots where people can leave their cars and walk, or hop on an (affordable) bus or hop on a bike. We need better public transport to serve our rural community. We need this to reduce congestion, pollution and improve the health and well being of all!

Lots of information in the Wye Ruin it? website – please share it!

Herefordshrie Council Declares Climate Emergency!

Hundreds of people came together in front of Herefordshire Town Hall to show our councillors how much the planet’s future means to us and our children. We were soon joined by a large group of students from both the sixth form and Art College, carrying home made placards and chanting in one voice in a huge call to action. The mood was happy and united but not overly hopeful that we would get the declaration we all sought. However, I am delighted to be able to tell you that Herefordshire Council have indeed declared a climate emergency! This is fantastic news! But our work is not yet done. Councillors went on to tell the Hereford Times that this would not stop them from building the bypass that they have been working on for over 10 years (and we thought they were consulting the public on this!). Let’s celebrate a little bit but onwards we must go! There is much to be done.





If anybody would like to hear the beautiful song by Blythe Pepino called “Emergency” that was sung today, here is a link!




Waste Plastic Roads Firm Opens First Factory

A company which uses plastic waste to surface roads has opened its first factory in Dumfries and Galloway.

The MacRebur plant in Lockerbie will take rubbish which would have gone to landfill to help produce asphalt.

one-kilometre stretch of road made with its mix would use the equivalent of about 684,000 plastic bottles or 1.8m single-use plastic bags.

The granules are mixed with an activator to make the plastic bind and it is then bagged ready to be distributed to asphalt producers.

The company said its mix allowed the bitumen used in the production of asphalt to be extended and enhanced, reducing the amount of fossil fuel used.

If the company’s claims are right about the robustness of its product, plastic roads could be a game changer.

We all know what a nuisance potholes can be. If we can reduce them while putting waste plastic to good use it’s a double whammy.

Conventional roads use crude oil to make bitumen which binds the rocks, limestone and sand. This new process replaces some of that oil with plastic. And there’s apparently a “secret ingredient” in there too.

MacRebur say they are also working with Tesco to fix some of their car parks. And they have just agreed a £1.6m deal with the Department of Transport to test the technology in Cumbria.

“Our technology also means there are no plastic micro beads present in the mix and we can even recycle the road at the end of its lifespan, creating a circular economy that is sustainable and cost effective.”

MacRebur roads have already been laid around the world from Australia to Yorkshire using plastic waste processed by waste companies.

The new factory, which has created 12 jobs, brings the processing in-house with the hope of building further factories across Europe.

This piece first appeared in the Caplor Energy blog.

Unsafe Air Quality In Almost 2000 UK Sites

Almost 2,000 locations across the England, Wales and Northern Ireland have levels of air pollution that exceed safety limits, according to a pollution map released by campaigners.

In 2017, the worst location for nitrogen dioxide pollution was Kensington and Chelsea, followed by Leeds and Doncaster.

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is one of the most harmful pollutant gases, irritating the lungs and potentially causing breathing difficulties. Road traffic is a leading source.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said high levels of particulate matter in the air were also recorded in the past few days in the East and West Midlands. Other regions were also expected to experience localised pollution in hotspots, carrying on at least into Wednesday.

The new map of nitrogen dioxide pollution limit breaches for recent years shows that Earl’s Court station in London was worst overall, with a recording of 129.5 micrograms per cubic metre, compared with the 40μg/m3 limit set out in the government’s air quality objectives.

Simon Bowens, a clean air campaigner at FoE, said: “It’s unforgivable that across the UK there are nearly 2,000 locations over air quality limits, leaving millions of us breathing dangerously polluted air. The government needs to step up and do more to help deal with this air pollution crisis. They can’t just carry on leaving the difficult decisions with local authorities, many of which are severely under-resourced.”

He said the map showed that air pollution was not just a problem for big cities. “Unacceptably toxic air can be found across much of the UK, even in smaller towns,” he said. “It is harming the health of people across the country and is especially bad for young children whose lungs are still developing.”

Air pollution is known to shorten lives and reduce the quality of life for tens of thousands of people, and in recent studies it has also been linked to health problems from dementia to heart disease and miscarriage. Children are most at risk: exposure to air pollution when young can have lifelong effects as it can stunt the lungs and affect intelligence.

The data used for the map was taken from the most recent annual air quality status reports that have been submitted to government, most of them from last year, with the results adjusted for distance and other factors.

This article first appeared in Caplor Energy’s blog

Kington Council Declares Climate Emergency!

Kington Council unanimously declared a Climate Emergency at their very well attended meeting on the 4th of March! There will be other actions to follow this, so watch this space. Kington joins 35 other councils across the UK that have done the same. Will Herefordshire Council be next? We certainly hope so. Join us on Friday morning (March 8th) for a peaceful demonstration alongside other organisations such as XR Hereford and the Labour Party, who have both encouraged supporters to turn up to the council offices. Write to your councillor too, to ensure that the declaration is made!

Meet us there from 8.45 onwards!


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