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The Future of our Food

May’s Monthly Gathering was packed last night as we explored and celebrated the future of small farming with the exquisite film In Our Hands.

Thanks for coming, thanks for bringing energy and ideas to the room and for your ‘what next’ thoughts. Thanks also to The Bookshop for hosting and for Holland for her fantastic food, all from local producers.

…which brings us to the first of three actions…

Eat Local Food!

Mentioned last night was Big Barn – it’s a perfect resource to find local food producers and outlets but it could definitely do with more info about our area! If you’re a producer – please add yourself – and encourage other outlets to mention you if they sell your stock!

If you know a great producer who’s not on there – get them to add themselves! It does have a cost – £40 a year but with more Herefordshire producers, we the network can embed this in our site and encourage others to do the same. If you are a small producer but sell at the Farmer’s Market – they can mention you there. Let’s fill that map with our amazing producers.

Get the Film Seen!

Next local opportunity will be Saturday July 14th at Leominster Community Centre. Email if you’d like to supply produce, or help make it happen.   It would also be great to have a good Green Network presence there so email if you’d like to volunteer.

Each of the stories in the film has their own website to explore… including a beautifully written grower’s blog from Ru Litherland… And you can read more about the huge international movement of small farmers mentioned in the film; we are in good company…

If you are a small farmer – consider joining the Landworker’s Alliance to be part of this global network pushing for better farming,

Take Local and National Action

Linking into the discussions about schools’ procurement… here is the People’s Food Policy that we could use as a starting point for developing something more local.  Also mentioned last night was Herefordshire Food Link – any more information or updates on that please get in touch and perhaps these things can work together and build what’s already been started…

Tell our decision makers – the benefits of small farms ahead of the discussion on a new bill in the Autumn.  Email to be part of group action around this.


Thanks again for coming – see you at June’s gathering (20th June) where we will be checking in with the Plastics Action Here team, the Divest Parliament team and we’ll have a workshop on Sociocracy too.




Huge thanks to our team of Plastic Auctioneers who were out in force over the May Bank Holiday weekend at Hereford River Carnival (.. and possibly also at Spring Greens…).

We stamped many paper bags with our gorgeous #PAH! logo …& gave them away (to stall holders, the public, the Etsy market) … we enthusiastically engaged the public with ideas about how to reduce their plastic … we made ingenious paper bags & plant pots out of folded newspaper (thanks Annie!) … we had so much fun with biodegradable glitter wrestling (thank you @FairyLove!)! … we made and enjoyed some fabulous recycled plastic arts (thanks to the wonderful Arts Lab) … our Recycling Angels did an amazing job of sorting and collecting Carnival waste dressed in tutus & glitter … and we started to hatch plans for phase 2 of our actions…

So – next steps… (amongst other things…) will be persuading Herefordshire supermarket shoppers and supermarkets themselves to swap their plastic vegetable bags & wrappings for paper / cloth.

If you would like to be part of this action, please get in touch! Email and we’ll let you know what we are planning…


And don’t forget this excellent ‘Living Without Plastic’ workshop from New Leaf at Queenswood on 19th May:

A Day-trip to CAT

The Centre for Alternative Technology opened in 1975 and covers all aspects of green living: environmental building, eco-sanitation, woodland management, renewable energy and organic growing. It has 7 acres of interactive displays and working demonstrations, including how to make our own gardens eco-friendly. There is a gift shop and book shop, a café and picnic tables… 

And you can join a coach outing to CAT on the 4th July with the Herefordshire and Marches Association of National Trust! Cost £32 per person – bring your own picnic lunch or order a light lunch or a main meal at the Centre. 

For more details and a booking form go to our document library and click on CAT poster / CAT booking form. Deadline for bookings is the 15th June.



CAT poster & details

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CAT Booking Form

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Forest Gardening & Permaculture learning

There are two summery opportunities coming up for some Permaculture learning at our lovely local Herefordshire permaculture centre:

The next PDC will be in July, when Chris & Looby will be joined by Tomas Remiarz, author of Forest Gardening in Practice. Two weeks of summer immersed in permaculture at Applewood doesn’t get much better!

Or have a look at their Forest Gardening course in June.

What could be nicer….

Divest Parliament

Outcomes from last month’s HGN Gathering with Divest Parliament continue to develop. Volunteers from Hereford Sixth Form did a quick online poll of Hereford River Carnival goers over the weekend with 40 responses. .. and a trip to talk to our MPs about this issue is under discussion.

If anyone would like to get more involved in the local Divestment effort, please get in touch to connect up with others who are involved.

Or if you would like to know more click here:

Breinton Walk

For those of you interested or concerned about the proposed bypass, there is another Sunday walk this weekend around Breinton highlighting the threatened route.
Meet on Sunday 13th May at 2.30pm at Breinton Springs N.T. carpark.
And for more information on the bypass issue generally check the Wye Ruin It website:

We Need Your Produce! Local Film Showing

Hello local producers!  We’d like to showcase your wares!

We’re screening In Our Hands: Seeding Change at The Bookshop restaurant in Hereford and the chefs are standing by to pair the film with a great menu.

One of the key takeaway actions from the film is ‘buy more from local producers’! and we expect to have 50 people attend, so this is a good opportunity to share your great produce.

If you’d like your produce to be part of the menu, please email The Bookshop Chef Holland on with an idea of what you’ll have in the week of 16th May, and cost, before Friday 4th May.  Thanks!

The film is being shown as part of two events this month celebrating farming and land – the other is theatre/folk show Three Acres and a Cow.   Please do spread the word about both and we hope to see you there!

We look forward to a delicious menu.

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