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Mapping Household Food Insecurity in Herefordshire

This week HGN welcomed three inspiring speakers to share information about the important work they are doing in Herefordshire to address issues of food insecurity and poverty. 

Mary Burton from Brightspace Foundation, Harry King from the Wellbeing Cafe and Kristan Pritchard from Herefordshire Council’s Public Health team discussed their three different and complementary approaches to tackling the complex and interrelated issues of food waste, food insecurity, child poverty, and obesity in Herefordshire. 

With some shocking statistics about the levels of food waste – and heart-breaking insights into poverty, and child hunger – the workshop looked particularly at what is already happening in Herefordshire to address these issues, and what more the HGN audience of around 30 people felt should or could be happening. 

‘Good Food for All’ – an alliance of local organisations led by the Brightspace Foundation – aims to ascertain the scale of food poverty and insecurity in Herefordshire, and develop shared strategies to address the problem. For anyone who would like to know more please look at Brightspace Foundation’s website:

Kristan Pritchard from Herefordshire Council introduced the audience to the Sustainable Food Cities model they are hoping to introduce in Hereford. The award will mean:

  • Promoting healthy and sustainable food 
  • Tackling food poverty, diet related ill health, and access to affordable healthy food
  • Building community food knowledge, skills, resources and projects
  • Promoting a vibrant and diverse sustainable food economy 
  • Transforming catering and food procurement
  • Reducing waste and the ecological footprint of the food system 

Kristan and her colleagues are working closely with Brightspace Foundation and other agencies locally, and this very positive step from Herefordshire’s Public Health team combines sustainability approaches with strategies to meet local public health needs. For more information see: 

And .. after a chance conversation in February of this year, Harry King and Yasmin Price were inspired into action to tackle food poverty and food waste locally, and have developed ‘The Wellbeing Cafe’ – an exciting and dynamic new project that will be making use of food waste in Hereford city to feed school age children during the ‘Hungry Holiday” gap this August.

The Wellbeing Cafe’s goal is to combat household food insecurity and its subsequent health inequalities through the provision of healthy, affordable food that everyone can access. The project is looking for supporters, volunteers and users – and will be making free meals available to all under 17 year olds from Wednesday – Saturday each week during August, alongside a programme of free holiday club workshops (such as cooking, arts, and crafts). The Cafe will be at Castle Green Pavillion, and for more information see:  

… Some inspirational stories and projects that aim to tackle the injustice of this ever growing issue in food-producing Herefordshire. Our audience went away keen to support the work of those who are involved. 

Our speakers (left to right) Mary Burton, Kristan Prichard and Harry King.

Thanks as always to Natalia and Left Bank Village for supporting this event.

Social Media training…

Fastershire is offering a workshop on Social Media Strategies in Hereford on Friday 26 July.

In this FREE training session, Faster Business advisor, Jack McCaughtrie, will help you understand how to better manage your social media and generate a better return for your time.

Go to to book your place/s and see what other workshops they will be hosting throughout the year.

Location: Hereford Business Solutions Centre, Skylon Court, Coldnose Road, HR2 6JS

Date: Friday 26th July 2019

Time: 12:00-14:00

Community Energy in Herefordshire – thinking again and doing more

Thursday 25 July, Grange Court, Pinsley Road, Leominster, HR6 8NL 7.15/7.45pm  FREE  (sign up via Eventbrite

Come and join Pomona Solar Co-op, Leominster Sunrise and Leominster Community Solar on 25 July for a community energy eveningwith a range of talks that we hope will inform and inspire you. 

All three co-ops run systems that silently generate zero-carbon electricity for Herefordshire – home-grown power that means a bit less needs to be imported from outside the county.

Public awareness and support for carbon reduction has never been higher, and both our county council and several town councils have declared a climate emergency – so we know there’s an appetite to do much more. With the withdrawal of feed-in tariffs the community energy sector is needing to look for creative solutions and new models at a most crucial time, and some potentially exciting funding is becoming available via the Midlands Energy Hub and Marches LEP. So it’s time to think again.

Come and join the three Herefordshire co-ops at 7.15pm (after their AGMs) for drinks and a bite to eat, with the talks starting at 7.45pm.

You’ll be hearing from Etty George of Sharenergy about their take on challenges and future for community energy; from Tim Yair, the Marches’ brand new Senior Energy Project Officer who’ll explain about the funds now available through the Rural Community Energy Fund and the Marches Renewable Energy Fund; from Jenny Bartlett from Transition Leominster about their energy descent planning; and from one of the Pomona directors, Jackie Jones, with a brief outline of the state of the community energy sector. And then we’d like to get your ideas.

Please sign up via Eventbrite

HGN Gathering – 17th July

A date for your diaries! On the 17th July at our HGN Gathering will be inviting you to help us map food security and food poverty in Herefordshire.

The event will be led by Peter Norton and Mary Burton from Brightspace Foundation, with input from the wonderful Wellbeing Cafe – a new project making use of food waste in Hereford city to feed school age children during the ‘Hungry Holiday” gap.

More information to follow very soon.. but in the meantime check that you can join us at 7.30pm on Wednesday 17th July at Left Bank Village.

Plastic Free July

Why not celebrate Plastic Free July by combining a walk in the beautiful woods at Queenswood with browsing our growing range of plastic free products and new books on how to reduce your plastic footprint?

If you are switching away from single use plastic water bottles, we have some lovely bottles for sale in the shop or you can bring your own bottle to fill up at our drinking fountain.

The Great Collaboration .. towards a Zero Carbon Herefordshire


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Project overview document

The Great Collaboration, June 2019


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HGN Members Meeting this Wednesday!

Come along and join us for our HGN Members Meeting on Wednesday 19th June, 5.30 – 7pm in Gwynne House, Left Bank Village, Hereford.

All are welcome to come along – and our ‘Round Table’ time provides an opportunity for all of those present to update us briefly about their current projects and concerns.

The meeting will also be a chance to discuss HGN’s developing plans to support local Councillors in our Great Collaboration towards a Zero Carbon Herefordshire. More information on that project can be found by clicking here.

And for those of you who love Spring Greens – come along to contribute to discussions about the next steps for this gorgeous Herefordshire green festival.

We start promptly at 5.30 and finish at 7pm. For those who would like to there is half an hour after the meeting to have a drink with colleagues before joining the De Koffie Pot Discussion evening – this week on Proportional Representation. More information here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Can You Expand Herefordshire’s Word-Hoard?

Dear friends,

We warmly invite you to the launch event of Herefordshire ’s Word-Hoard with a short presentation by Will Edwards, a local dairy farmer.

Friday 28th June at 6h30 pm at The Cider Museum. This event is open to all.

Contribute terms and expressions connected to soil and its produce, earth and landscape.

July & August 2019, The Cider Museum Hereford HR4 0EF

I look forward to sharing a wealth of words and sparkling cider with you.

from Marie-Pierre Leroux-Walker

Make, Do and Mend in Herefordshire

Could your local community benefit from a Make, Do and Mend event?

Herefordshire Green Network is coordinating a series of sustainability events across Herefordshire and we need volunteers to make it happen.

Whether you’re a skilled fixer, passionate about sustainability or a keen coordinator we’d love to hear from you. Please email to find out more.

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