Left Bank Talks and Discussion Evenings – coming up

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From Nat and Alan: Details of upcoming talks are below. Please, as ever, do pass on to individual friends and family, but please do not share this access information publicly on social media. 

WEDNESDAY 8TH JULY (7.30PM – 9PM) Richard Priestley, Environmental Activist and Blogger presents Big Questions and ‘Unthinkable’ Answers.

There is a network of interlinked crises: climate, ecological, inequality. There is much talk of a ‘Green New Deal’ amid the Covid crisis. How should we invest vast sums of money to best effect? A few weeks ago Richard gave a podcast video for the Cathedral. The subject was the politics of climate change. A number of people emailed things they would like him to expand upon and so Richard will use this session to do so. This will begin a series of talks that is not set in stone: it will evolve in response to questions and comments from the participants. Initial sessions will have global focus. Later sessions may concentrate on what could be done locally. Richard’s Podcast Video – click here. Richard blogs from time to time – click here. You can e-mail Richard at richardjpriestley@hotmail.com

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86162512928?pwd=OFV3UGhocFp5QkEydllPTXhIcXBEZz09 Meeting ID: 861 6251 2928 Password: 908596

WEDNESDAY 15TH JULY (7.30PM – 9PM) Polly Ernest talks about ancestral responsibility and invites discussion

Ancestral Responsibility: How should we rationalise what our country and recent ancestors did if it is now abhorrent to us? Do we ignore it or should we learn from it?”
Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84692640212?pwd=cXl2M2lJbnIrcE5XbDh0cG5zMlgwdz09 Meeting ID: 846 9264 0212 Password: 726324

WEDNESDAY 22ND JULY (7.30PM – 9PM) Food Standards and the US Trade Deal

We’ll be talking about the recent article by George Monbiot titled “Boris Johnson’s US trade deal will make Britain a paradise for disaster capitalists (click here to read). Full blurb to follow.

You might also be interested in this petition to ensure the food and drink we consume in the UK continues to be produced to world leading standards – click here.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89873792000?pwd=ZVJncEpnSEZmMW1keGZrZXNTSU9nQT09 Meeting ID: 898 7379 2000 Password: 786925


Thursday Evenings: Stories for Life (7.30pm – 8.45pm) Join us every Thursday evening (until further notice) for the privilege of listening to two local storytellers, Austin Keenan and Alison Newsam. The stories will come from Scotland, the Middle East and beyond.  Join Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82335823464?pwd=SjJSS3BrTEFpWUVQbjh0TTFJRkVsZz09 Meeting ID: 823 3582 3464 Password: 561522

Friday Bedtime Stories for Children (6.30pm – 7pm) Children and their families are invited to listen to two local storytellers every Friday evening (until further notice). Alison Newsam and Austin Keenan will be telling stories from around the world and everyone can share jokes. Join Zoom Meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/2792563240?pwd=UWdTTldNMGNjOEFQYWkrcUJ1Y3dyQT09 Meeting ID: 279 256 3240 Password: Storiesnow

WEDNESDAY EVENINGS THROUGHOUT AUGUST (8PM – 9PM) An opportunity to socialise and just log on for a chat. Link to follow. 

COMING UP IN THE AUTUMN… Lots of ideas being floated about for the Autumn, such as education, complimentary therapies, voting reform and invasive species. Much more to follow as we come up with plans for the Autumn. Please get in touch with us with your ideas! Feel free to contact us at nataliawaring2@gmail.comalan@walden1.plus.com  or nigelhiggs@me.com

Hope you can make it! Best wishes, Nat and Alan. Coordinators of the Talks and Discussions Calendar (usually) at The Left Bank Village 

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