Invite from the Green Hedgehog Festival

Ross-on-Wye is situated on the beautiful River Wye, surrounded by verdant green spaces and is the only market town in the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  We want to keep it that way and help others to do the same.  So we’re inviting stallholders whose core business and values focus on one or more of the following: ·      

Nurture Nature: provide education, activities and/or information to children and adults to create or enhance sustainable natural habitats using Nature’s patterns and designs in Ross-on-Wye and the HR9 area ·       

 Inspire: deliver activities, talks or publish media that inspire children and adults to make a heartfelt connection to wildlife, the outdoors and/or live a greener lifestyle ·        

Climate Change: deliver education or information to children and adults that have a positive impact on reducing our carbon footprint and create cleaner, greener environments.  

Refuse, eg. single use plastic



Repurpose, eg. bicycles

Reduce fossil fuel use

Reduce car use

Reduce meat intake

Don’t buy food that comes from intensive agriculture or farming practices

Use renewables

Plant trees and grow your own fruit & vegetables

Walk or cycle

Pick up litter.

Ethical: sell hand-made items that are sourced or made from natural and/or recycled materials

When:   Sunday 22nd September 2019

Where:  Next to the River Wye

Want a stall? If you or your organisation want to have a stall at this year’s Festival, please send an e-mail to with details of your (or your organisation’s) values, or post your interest on the HedgehogFestival Facebook page @festivalhog or on theGreenRoss Network Facebook page @GreenRossNetwork There is no charge for a pitch but we do ask that you donate a ‘gift’ to be included in a tombola.  Detailed Stall holder Instructions are sent to you only when it is confirmed you have a 3m x 3m pitch at the Festival.

Over the past five years, the Hedgehog Festival in Ross-on-Wye has been successfully delivering art- and nature based education to primary schools as well as organising a well attended annual celebration each September. Building on that good practice and keeping in line with current global developments, the Hedgehog Festival has joined forces with the GreenRoss Network and agreed to deliver a joint ‘Green Hedgehog Festival’. This is an exciting development and we want you to be part of it.  If you want more information on GreenRoss, there is an active GreenRoss Network, website ( and a facebook page (@Greenross).  We look forward to hearing from you.

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