Insect Numbers Plummeting

I feel compelled to write about this worrying topic in the wake of the awe-inspiring strikes  that have taken place across the country, including in our fair county. The mainstream media has written about bees and their declining numbers for a while now, but seems only very recently to have begun to worry about other species and how their depletion will affect us all. This week has seen an increase in articles about this topic, so I will post some links for people to read and share with others (this has already been done on Facebook). Let us keep talking about this and applying pressure to stop the destruction of the natural world. As a rural county, we know first hand how important even the smallest of the world’s creatures is. Let us protect them to save our world!

Last week, we posted about re-wilding verges – here is that link again for you to continue to apply pressure.

Please share your ideas on what else can be done to stop insect numbers from plummeting further.

The Guardian has been particularly vocal about this here and here and here

Here is the National Geographic

Please share with us any other stories on this topic!


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