Identiplant Course

From Clan CIC

Do you want to identify plants correctly, to use a flora and to follow a botanical key? This course could be the answer.

Herefordshire based group Cultivating Learning and Nature, are offering tutorship on the Identiplant Course 2021

This course is not designed for absolute beginners but for anyone who can identify some plants but needs help to improve. It teaches participants how to identify plants systematically and not just by simple recognition. This leads to the confidence and accuracy that is essential in recording.

The learning outcomes are to:

  • improve observational skills
  • become familiar with botanical terminology
  • learn the key diagnostic features of our commonest plant families (i.e. to know what to look for)
  • become confident in using floras and botanical keys
  • develop the critical faculty necessary for accurate identification.

Course fee is £100 (previously £300)

For details please email or ring 01981 550043
Tim Kaye, Director CLaN CIC. Tel 07980 863577