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Wednesday (3rd March) at 7:30pm Herefordshire’s Ice Age Ponds by David Hutton of the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.

Near the end of the last Ice Age the landscape of North West Herefordshire was abruptly and dramatically changed.  At a time when mammoth and other megafauna roamed the countryside, a retreating glacier created distinctive landforms including ‘kettle-hole’ depressions, formed as huge chunks of glacial ice melted. Many of these depressions filled with water to create ‘kettle hole ponds’ and, remarkably, some persist today, an incredible legacy that has survived for over 20,000 years.

A nationally scarce resource, kettle hole ponds are geologically fascinating and important for wildlife.  However, they are vulnerable and are regularly damaged or destroyed. They have received little investigation and are poorly understood by the public, landowners and the scientific community. By engaging with local communities and landowners and with the help of volunteers the project aims to raise awareness and protect many of the remaining ponds, discover their historic and present wildlife and provide trails and interpretation that explores them and their history.   

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Herefordshire’s Ice Age Ponds Project

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