Herefordshire Street Theatre Collective Climate Change – The Truth is Out (and about)

A group of Herefordshire writers, actors and directors are creating funny and challenging street theatre shows about Climate Change.   They will be premiered at Ludlow Fringe on Sunday 16th June and then toured around Herefordshire over the summer. 

The intention is to examine and poke fun at the various ways people are currently ‘being’ about this unprecedented existential crisis and to create a sense of ‘we’re all in this together’.  We have three short pieces so far and want to expand our portfolio. Each one is entertaining and challenging.

Sue and Malcolm

A domestic squabble erupts in the middle of the high street, as a middle class couple row over sacrificing their lawn for the sake of the planet.

Tipping Point

A climate activist disrupts a corporate PR stunt.  She explains her personal tipping point to the Company Rep as she superglues herself to his stall.

Eden Falls

In a stunning, visual piece of physical theatre, the warm and friendly ‘Earth’, is unexpectedly beaten to a pulp by apologetic passers by.

Other Herefordshire performance dates currently include Hereford High Town on 24th August and 21st September.

The scripts and videos will be shared on-line so they can be performed in other cities across the UK (or the world).  We urgently need a social media/website/blog volunteer, to help us with this.

Anyone able to help or any artists interested in getting involved in the Herefordshire Collective please get in touch with

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