Good News!

This week the University of Edinburgh announced it will move its entire £322million investment portfolio out of the fossil fuel industry over the next three years. That’s £6.3million it currently holds in fossil fuels companies including Total. 61 UK universities now have some form of divestment commitment totalling to £11bn contributing to £6trillion divested globally.

… To bring some of that positive divestment energy to Herefordshire we are delighted to announce that our HGN Gathering on Wednesday 18th April will be a workshop from the lovely people at Divest Cymru. The workshop has been developed by Divest Parliament in order to encourage individuals and groups to campaign for their MPs to divest from fossil fuels, but the training can also be applied to all divestment campaigns (universities, faith institutions, council pension funds etc) with practical training on how to lobby those in positions in power.

One for the diary!

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