‘Down to Earth’; HGN Film night at the Courtyard

We will be holding another film night at the Courtyard in the next couple of weeks giving you the chance to watch ‘Down to Earth’, a wonderful film by Renata Heinen and Rolf Winters. The Courtyard will be showing this film on two evenings but only one is officially an HGN event. However, this link takes you to the Courtyard website, feel free to pick the date that suits you best! The first showing is on the 25th of March at 8pm, with the official HGN showing happening on the 3rd of April at the same time, followed by a panel discussion.

What is this film about? Breaking away from convention, Rolf Winters and his family went on a five year journey to find a new perspective on life. Their life with tribal communities around the world has led to a thought-provoking cinematic experience of ancient, earthly wisdom. Down to Earth is a mirror to humanity, a poignant and timely reflection on our civilized world. The movie invites us to see the world through the eyes of the Keepers of the Earth. It takes us on an inner journey, connecting us with the source and the mutual path we are walking.

Here is the trailer!

Please join us to watch this thought provoking film!

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