Community Energy in Herefordshire – thinking again and doing more

Thursday 25 July, Grange Court, Pinsley Road, Leominster, HR6 8NL 7.15/7.45pm  FREE  (sign up via Eventbrite

Come and join Pomona Solar Co-op, Leominster Sunrise and Leominster Community Solar on 25 July for a community energy eveningwith a range of talks that we hope will inform and inspire you. 

All three co-ops run systems that silently generate zero-carbon electricity for Herefordshire – home-grown power that means a bit less needs to be imported from outside the county.

Public awareness and support for carbon reduction has never been higher, and both our county council and several town councils have declared a climate emergency – so we know there’s an appetite to do much more. With the withdrawal of feed-in tariffs the community energy sector is needing to look for creative solutions and new models at a most crucial time, and some potentially exciting funding is becoming available via the Midlands Energy Hub and Marches LEP. So it’s time to think again.

Come and join the three Herefordshire co-ops at 7.15pm (after their AGMs) for drinks and a bite to eat, with the talks starting at 7.45pm.

You’ll be hearing from Etty George of Sharenergy about their take on challenges and future for community energy; from Tim Yair, the Marches’ brand new Senior Energy Project Officer who’ll explain about the funds now available through the Rural Community Energy Fund and the Marches Renewable Energy Fund; from Jenny Bartlett from Transition Leominster about their energy descent planning; and from one of the Pomona directors, Jackie Jones, with a brief outline of the state of the community energy sector. And then we’d like to get your ideas.

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