Professor John Whitelegg (School of the Built Environment, Liverpool John Moores University) recently gave a presentation to the CPRE AGM having written:

“Hereford is a beautiful city. It has a long history, splendid architecture and a lively cultural record. Its urban form is eminently suited to the majority of everyday trips to be made on foot, bike & bus. It could be a European best practice sustainable city in the same way as Lund in Sweden (88,000), Colmar in France (68,000) and Delft in the Netherlands (101,000).

Sadly Hereford like the majority of English towns & cities is dominated by motorised vehicles and its associated noise, pollution, road traffic danger and greenhouse gases.  It does not have to be this way.  This presentation will not dwell on the negatives (they are very well known) but will emphasise the positives and the optimistic and realistic potential that exists to propel Hereford and surrounding villages and rural area, into a 21st century vision of safe, calm, green, child-friendly, healthy, economically successful, zero carbon & fiscally responsible city region.”

You can download his full presentation here.