Saturday December 1st

Meet on Castle Green at 11am for a Respectful, Peaceful, Inclusive day of action to launch Extinction Rebellion Hereford.

Please note that Extinction Rebellion is a totally Non-Violent Movement working with Determined Love for all life on Earth.


– Wonder at the joy of our stunning world and everything we want to protect

– Mourning for what has already been lost and what will soon be lost

– Determination to change the course of climate destabilisation and mass extinction for the better

Aims of the Rally:

– To launch Extinction Rebellion Hereford

– To raise awareness that time is rapidly running out to avoid climate catastrophe and to slow the rate of species extinctions ….. this is a ‘wake-up’ call

– To portray a true representation of our predicament and to put Jesse Norman on notice that his constituents know what is happening and demand government action

– To get people on our side and grow our numbers because for this movement to succeed we need MASS participation

The Declaration

Ben has sent the Extinction Rebellion Declaration to Jesse Norman to put him on notice that change must happen. Jesse has been asked to respond with his perspective on the Declaration’s demands.
During the day people will sign copies of it which we will gather together when we get to the Shire Hall and later given to Jesse Norman.
Please see attachment for the Declaration wording.

Set up for the theatrical aspect of the day:
Dress code…
Children and some adults dressed as animals / trees / ‘life’ / cheerful / colourful / celebratory of life please…painted faces encouraged
Face paining will be possible on Castle Green…early attendance encouraged
Some adults completely in black as ‘mourners’ please…bring candles in jars if possible

4 or 6 adults totally in black with black net headdresses will be carrying a coffin representing our Earth and all life upon it.

Possible pallbearers so far are , Bella and Bryony.

Other mourners will walk with the coffin bearers in solemn dignity.
Children and other adults will be joyful.

There will be flags, banners and placards available but please make your own too. Please make them pertinent to the theme. If you use the extinction rebellion sign of an hour-glass inside a circle representing the Earth, please remember to keep the hour-glass upright 🙂

Bring cameras. John will be videoing but the more photos the better. Send them in to the Hereford Times and maybe we could get a page of lovely photos. Send them to the FB page too….. XR Hereford

We are all crew and need people to take on these roles please:

– EVERYONE please be aware of safety. We will have children with us who will be enjoying themselves rather than thinking about staying safe. We will have older people and less able people too. Please care for each-other and the other people using the town with respect. We are all in this together and we need love for all, to help us through. Thank you.

– People happy to talk to the public, explain what we are doing and why, invite them to join us, invite them to sign the Declaration that will be handed in at the Shire Hall. It would be good to also have a sheet of paper to collect email address of people wanting to join this list please…..please ask them to write clearly! If we can’t read it we lose that contact and we need to grow this movement as fast as possible..thanks.

– People to hand out leaflets

– A couple of people with a donation bucket asking for funds as we’re going to need money as this movement grows. If possible please make your bucket attractive…maybe decorate it with pictures of wild-life that we don’t want to lose.

Running order

Speeches on Castle Green
– Rick Guest will open the rally
– Rumy Salmon
– Ben Salmon
– Someone yet to be asked
– Cathy Monkley
– Richard Priestley
Speeches will be less than 5 mins each.

We might do a practice ‘die-in’.

During this time on Castle Green there will be face-painting and we get the chance to sign the Declaration .

Then we march and sing through Cathedral Close to stay and sing a while outside the Cathedral.

Then we’ll proceed down Broad St. into High Town.

At some point there will be a ‘die-in’ during which The Declaration will be read. The pallbearers will be still, with the other mourners gathered around them. Around them will be all the other adults and the children. There will be a double drum beat, or a bell and all except the mourners will fall to the ground and stay still.

The exact details of when and where the ‘die-in’ happens will be dictated a bit by the circumstances on the day. We might even do it in a couple of different places.

Then we sing and march our way to The Shire Hall to end the rally.

At the Shire Hall there will be a couple more short speeches probably from
– Pat Ronan from ‘Wye Ruin It’
– Rob Palgrave and
– Diana Toynbee both from The Green Party
and the signed Declaration sheets will be gathered together to be handed in to Jesse Norman.

Going with the flow!

This is a guide only and may be subject to alterations as weather / people / circumstances dictate but the rally will happen at the stated time and place provided Castle Green is not 3 foot under water!

Immediately After The Event

Please join us at De Koffie Pot, The Left Bank for a gathering to celebrate what we’ve done, decide what was good, what we won’t do again and what we need to learn for next time. A general de-brief and rally-goers friendship making session! This will give us a chance to set a date for our next meet-up.

Important Singing and Die-in Rehearsal

If you can, please join us on Friday 30th Nov to practice the songs and the bit of theatre.
Meet at ‘Clear Space’ which is above The Friends Meeting House in Broad St, in good time to start at 7pm. We have until 8:30pm to get in good voice and all excited about the following day.


There are so many people to thank already and I am bound to miss people out who I am not aware of so please forgive me for that, but I’d like to thank:
Everyone for coming last night
Everyone who made that possible by looking after things at home
Nat for letting us have the room
Melodie and Friends of The Earth for funding
Rick, Toni, Ben, Nada, Petra, Paddy and David for doing so much organising
John for offering to video the rally
Kate for offering to bring clip-boards
Carrie for letting us borrow the coffin
Oscar and Sam for their enthusiasm about getting more young people involved
Bella for sourcing flag material
Everyone involved with banner, placard and flag production
Everyone who is happy to speak
Ben at The Rocket for being the leaflet distribution centre
Everyone who has taken leaflets around the shops and everyone who has agreed to put one up
Everyone who has invited family, friends or neighbours
Everyone who has talked about the rally / the issues with anyone
David England for that wonder picture ‘No Pomp’ on fb
And…everyone I’ve missed…thank you all.


Please continue to invite people to join us in the family friendly event…Ta

Onwards to our better world

Last Call for Administrators!

HGN are looking someone local to take on an Administration role with the Network.

Do you have energy, a broad and enthusiastic desire to support communities, a passion for sustainable living and carbon reduction, a yearning to work in a self directed way… and are looking for a Herefordshire based opportunity to develop your own skills and capacity.

If so, click here to find out more about the post and how to apply.

Applications must be submitted before 9am on 30th November 2018.

With thanks to Herefordshire Community Foundation (Glencora) for their support with this role.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon!


.. and sending out best wishes to Averil Clother, our previous excellent Administrator, as she starts her new full time role with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust this week.

Small Funds – Resources, and Review

Thank you for joining us at this month’s HGN Gathering.  A summary of our discussions, and some of the actions we left with is below!  December dates to remember are 5th: members meet and AGM, 8th – Make Do at the Kindle, and 19th – Big Green Xmas Drinks.  Please tell us what you’d like out of future HGN events here.

Using the example of our own ‘Get Active’ project, we looked at how organisations can be clear on what they want to achieve, clear on their activities and measure their successes simply.

Some summary slides are here:

All links are now available in the ‘money’ section of the new resources section – please take a look at these and all the other categories, more being added all the time!

Herefordshire Community Foundation
Two suggestions for developing a Theory of Change

If you’d like to do more with Rebecca on the subject of funding for small groups or engagement – you can contact her through her website here.

Extinction Rebellion

We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, with about 200 species becoming extinct each day. Humans cannot continue to violate the fundamental laws of nature or of science with impunity. If we continue on our current path, the future for our species is bleak.
When a government wilfully abrogates its responsibility to protect its citizens from harm and to secure the future for generations to come, it has failed in its most essential duty of stewardship.
Join XR Hereford on a non-violent demonstration through Hereford on Saturday December 1st. Meet at 11 am on Castle Green Hereford.

Tell us what you want….

The HGN Steering Group are in the process of putting together another round of funding applications to secure a bit more future for HGN and our work in the county – and we need your help!
The last major round of HGN funding was from Awards for All, and was aimed at providing some core development for HGN – including providing workshops to address needs you had all highlighted. We’d like to make the focus of this next bid much more about support for your own work in local communities around Herefordshire.
So …. please could you answer a couple of questions for us:
  1. What do you see as the most pressing issues for your organisation or group?
  2. What are the most urgent issues affecting your community?
  3. What is the current focus of your organisation or group’s work?
  4. What would you like HGN to do in order to help you achieve your aims?
  5. What help do you need in order to work effectively with the issues affecting your community?
We would love to hear from a broad range of you in order to get a sense of what would genuinely be most useful as a next step for HGN.
We also have a few ideas for you:
  • In an HGN Steering Group meeting last week we wondered whether you might like support to develop your own community car share clubs, or community renewable energy / heat… ?
  • In discussions with other members of the HGN team we have wondered about developing the Repair Café / ‘Make Do and Mend’ model in Herefordshire as a way of bringing your local community together – the regular focus on repair, up-cycling and local food would provide a platform for deeper discussions within your community about environmental and energy issues. Would you be interested in receiving support to develop these activities in your area… ?
  • … Or do you have other very different ideas about what you would like funding to support.
…. Please let us know asap so that we can get this funding bid together soon … Ideally we would like to hear from you over the next week.
Thank you 🙂

Seed Swap 2019

Next year’s Seed Swap has been confirmed for:

Saturday 2nd February 2019, 10am – 2pm, at the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford.


Come along and swap seeds, plants and tips. Even if you have nothing to swap, you can still join in and take home some seeds or plants. Newbies are always very welcome at this friendly event, and we look forward to seeing familiar faces.


For the first time there will be seed potatoes for sale – 18 varieties available, at a modest 15p per tuber. Great opportunity to buy all your Seed Potatoes!


·       Tools for Self Reliance charity – they collect old tools (so bring yours along), and also sell a wide range of their refurbished tools;

·       Tool sharpening service;

·       Cottage Herbery;

·       Composting advice;

·       Bees/Honey/Jam and more…


Free Talk at 11.30 by Kevin Alviti on Unusual Vegetables.

Kev is a knowledgeable and highly entertaining speaker. He is a seasoned, multi-skilled homesteader and blogger.

There’ll also be lots of advice and opinion on offer too…

For more information:

Email:, phone: 07880 730880

Facebook: Seed Swap Herefordshire

FREE workshop on community led housing

Herefordshire Centre for Community Led Housing are offering you an opportunity to get to grips with legal frameworks and governance for community-led housing.  Learn what works best for different kinds of fundraising, and about the pitfalls to avoid when purchasing land.

This is a free workshop led by Anthony Collins Solicitors.  21st November 10am – 3.30pm includes lunch at Canon Frome Court, Ledbury, HR8 2TD.

Please phone Nancy on 07999 925545 to book or email as below.

Nancy Winfield
Project Development Manager
Herefordshire Centre for Community-Led Housing 07999925545/

Thank you Averil!

This week we say thank you – goodbye – and hopefully keep in touch! to Averil, who has been an exceptional administrator, networker and strategiser for HGN in the last six months. Averil will be heading to Herefordshire Wildlife Trust so we hope to work closely together in the future. And she’ll also be volunteering to make the increasingly popular clothes swap happen in our partnership events with the Kindle Centre.

We’ll also say goodbye to Rebecca at the end of November – please come and take advantage of her last gathering and training session on 21st November. We hope to keep working alongside Rebecca too in some way.

Still time to get in touch about taking on a role supporting the work of our network – applications open til November 30th.

November Gathering: Funds & Publicity

November’s HGN Gathering will focus on finding funds and designing your message.

Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford

Wednesday 21st November 7.30pm. 

As our current ‘Get Active’ project comes to an end, this is a chance to share what we’ve achieved and for members to benefit from some strong skill-sharing – also an idea of the services you can expect from the network as we clarify our membership.

You can find out more about becoming an HGN member here

We will be:

  • Sharing lots of info from Herefordshire Community Foundation about local funding available
  • Rebecca will be running some ‘Small Funds for Small Groups’ activities from her ‘VolunteersYeah’ training session
  • …and Martin Driscoll of Worcestershire Litfest will talk us through ways to use the dark pubclity arts to our advantage as environmental groups!

Come and join us to find out more about achieving the aims you have within your organisation or community group.  Please share and invite people by using the flier image, this link or on Facebook. Thank you!

Please let us know if you are coming to the gathering here – and which topic you are most interested in, so that we can tailor the evening accordingly.


Hereford Community Land Trust


7 – 9.15pm Thursday 29th November

Garden Room, Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford, HR4 9DG

Arrive from 6.30 for finger buffet, refreshments and social gathering

Dear All HCLT Members and Friends,

The last few months since the launch of the Building Momentum project in June have been very busy on all fronts, with significant progress made in several important ways.

We would like to share this with you, answer your questions, outline the continuing work programme, seek your active support and contributions, and request your formal approval for crucial next-steps towards getting community-led housing built in and around Hereford.

So, please would you put Thursday 29th November 7-9pm in your diary and to help us plan please let us know whether you can or can’t attend by clicking on this link:

These are some of the key items we intend to cover, and would be glad to have your feedback on this with any suggestions.

Ø  VOTE YOUR APPROVAL for action on two specific sites

Ø  UNVEIL the brand-new HCLT website

Ø  FORTHCOMING EVENTS under the Building Momentum project

Ø  FOLLOW-ON FUNDING from Homes England


Ø  HCCLH Developing relationship with this and other local organisations

Ø  NOMINATIONS to strengthen HCLT Board 

Ø  VOLUNTEERS for specific roles eg. social media / marketing

We hope you will be able to join us and please circulate this invitation to anyone you feel could be interested.

Again, please use the link:

Best wishes

Nick Sherwood

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