Small Funds – Resources, and Review

Thank you for joining us at this month’s HGN Gathering.  A summary of our discussions, and some of the actions we left with is below!  December dates to remember are 5th: members meet and AGM, 8th – Make Do at the Kindle, and 19th – Big Green Xmas Drinks.  Please tell us what you’d like out of future HGN events here.

Using the example of our own ‘Get Active’ project, we looked at how organisations can be clear on what they want to achieve, clear on their activities and measure their successes simply.

Some summary slides are here:

All links are now available in the ‘money’ section of the new resources section – please take a look at these and all the other categories, more being added all the time!

Herefordshire Community Foundation
Two suggestions for developing a Theory of Change

If you’d like to do more with Rebecca on the subject of funding for small groups or engagement – you can contact her through her website here.

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