Join the PEACE course for 2021

This spring in a rare opportunity, Looby Macnamara and Jon Young are offering the PEACE (Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence) course online. 

The PEACE course provides an opportunity for deep connection with ourselves, each other and the more than human world. We come into an embodied sense of peace and empowerment that enable us to continue developing a culture of peace around and within us.

We focus on empowering ways to connect, collaborate and co-create. We explore ways in which we can nourish and empower ourselves. Through experiential activities we come to a sense of our own personal peace, from which we can bring peace making into our lives as a regular practice. We look at ways in which we can empower ourselves, and the groups we are a part of, for each person to bring forth their own gifts and talents.

The online course starts early evening on Thursday 25th March, with enrolments closing on the 21st March.

Find out more here