HWT talk: The Inside Out of Flies

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust is excited to be partnering with British scientist and curator at the Natural History Museum Dr Erica McAlister to present an online talk: The Inside Out of Flies

The talk will be on Wednesday 10th February at 7pm. Places can be booked via the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust website 

When you look at a fly what do you see? Do you see a mechanical marvel? Do you wonder at how it can taste? Do you contemplate how they see? In Dr McAlister’s forthcoming talk The Inside Out of Flies she will introduce the audience to some of the most amazing mechanical feats of flies and why these animals should be viewed with wonder rather than woe.

Dr McAlister is the Senior Curator for Diptera and Siphonaptera at the Natural History Museum. She manages the lower Brachycera, Mycetophilidae and Culicidae collections in Diptera, and the Siphonaptera collection. Dr McAlister is also involved in public engagement and presented the Radio 4 series on insects: Who’s the Pest and recently published a popular science book: The Secret Life of Flies.

The talk promises to be an engaging and entertaining evening and all funds raised will go towards the work of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust.