As local medics push ahead with vaccinations and we all look towards a summer where life might feel less constrained, HGN are proposing a Spring season of dialogue and activity as we re-imagine life ‘post’ covid. 

We plan to open up a countywide conversation to develop an inclusive and empowering vision of the future with individuals and groups across Herefordshire, aiming to reach a wide range of people with dialogues around future fairness and health / wellbeing, as well as the ecological and climate crisis. The devastating impacts of covid-19 alongside the climate and ecological crises are more and more apparent, and our plans will support the launch of Herefordshire Council’s Climate and Ecological Action Plan for the county. 

As our Network continues to grow, we are also developing a range of new volunteer opportunities for individuals to expand the work of HGN, and we will be stepping up our support for local grass roots activity as we consider a range of themed events and resources that will bring together organisations from across the county to share their local expertise.

Over the coming months we will host online events, surveys and focused discussions on a theme of ‘What Is, What If, What Next’ – inspired by Rob Hopkins’ work with Transition Network UK. These will be made available to communities across Herefordshire, with key events taking place in March, April and May – developing an approach which could be adopted by our member groups.

Our ambitions for local engagement and networking will be accompanied by a process of strengthening support for our existing local members. Over the coming months we plan to develop opportunities for themed subgroup working, and we will provide opportunities/ training for local HGN volunteers in the role of ambassadors, subgroup coordinators and a much needed youth leader. 

We are grateful to have received funding from Transition Network UK in support of this work, and it will build on the success of our project with local Parish Councils – ‘The Great Collaboration – towards a Zero Carbon Herefordshire’.

And this is a call out to anyone who would be interested to be part of the small group who are working on the development of these opportunities and events. If this is something you would like to be involved with please get in touch! Contact

… and if any of you are aware of potential sponsors for this important work of re-imagining a future for Herefordshire, please get in touch