Wye Ruin It…

Many people are under the impression that the proposed Hereford Bypass will reduce traffic congestion and journey times. ‘Wye Ruin It’ is a group in Hereford that aims to make people aware that traffic will increase as a consequence of the Bypass. As an alternative the group advocate modern transport solutions including electric buses, electric bikes, a tram loop and mobility service apps with  electric mini buses – solutions that are already used to reduce traffic in similar sized cities (details on the Herefordshire Transport Alliance website).

Meet / join Wye Ruin It:

  • Sat 16th June, 2pm at Belmont Abbey Fete,
  • Sat 23rd June at Hereford Castle Green Summer Fayre
  • Sunday 8th July at Breinton Fete 2pm
  • Or join the Shire Hall Protest on 19 July.

Hereford is best known for its natural beauty, tourist attractions, historic landscapes, horticulture and highly productive agricultural qualities. Read more via the links below…





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