Winds of Change – join the worldwide action that started in Herefordshire!

The Winds of Change are blowing we can all feel it, the winds are turning, change is on the way…….. This is a beautiful action that can be carried out safely in the boundaries of your own home while making your hopes for a green and just future known.  It’s a ‘movement of movements’ action from Extinction Rebellion, inviting EVERYBODY to take part in making ‘wind catchers’ and displaying them in their homes and gardens to denote their wishes and just demands for a sustainable and fair world.  It’s the eco version of the ‘rainbows’ phenomena! It will be supported by an exciting programme of ‘inspiration’;  on-line talks, podcasts and videos showcasing sustainable approaches.  It’s a national action but the idea came out of Herefordshire, so it would be great to support it all across the county!

🦋 The beautiful Winds of Change Action Guidelines PDF is packed with inspiration and ideas, along with advice and links to templates, instruction videos and where to find our online communities:

🎏 We invite everyone to post pictures of their wind-harnessing creations in action on social media (using the hashtags below), along with thoughts about what they hope the winds of change may bring once we emerge from this crisis.


🦋 Please invite your friends and communities to join this event and begin crafting Unifying Flying Objects (UFOs) whist thinking about how to shape the future. Friends, family, mutual aid groups, gardening groups, book clubs and more – all are welcome! We are also interested in local groups co-hosting – please do get in touch.

Facebook group:

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