Welcome to the new HGN Administrator!

We are pleased to welcome Wendy Ogden (some of you may know her under her previous name of Cotton) as the new part-time HGN Administrator. Wendy will be taking over from Kate Bull who has done a great job in supporting the network over the last few months. Many thanks to Kate for all that you have done for us.

Wendy brings lots of skills, experience and enthusiasm to the role. She has recently completed an MSc in Environmental Management, is a New Leaf Associate and part time Sustainability Lead at Queenswood & Bodenham Lake and is also the new HGN Treasurer. So she is well placed to support the work of the HGN from a variety of directions!

“I am delighted to starting work as the part-time HGN Administrator and am looking forward to supporting this great organisation and it’s members in the exciting challenges ahead”

Wendy will be working for HGN for 2 days a week and will answer your queries and questions as soon as possible. She is hoping to join us at the HGN Members Meeting at DKP at 5.30pm next week and is looking forward to meeting you all in her new role. So please do come along to hear about exciting new developments and share your news about the great work that is going on across this lovely county of ours.

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