Webinar invitation: Presencing the Heating Skies 4th-5th November

We invite you to the Biophilic Art webinar program “Presencing the Heating Skies” for one event or the whole program 4th-5th November 2020 (presencing means linking our present with our future).

It is a Queenswood Sustainable Future Centre, Arts Council England funded New Leaf Sustainability and Salt Road project in partnership with the University of Birmingham and the Biophilic City Network. It is made in response to the climate and ecological emergency, where we positively can explore our own emergencies and create a vision of a better world. We are launching this Presencing the Heating Skies at our Biophilic Art webinar on the afternoons of the 4th and 5th of November.

This Biophilic City network (Biophilia is love of nature) event asks: how do we link the natural sciences and engineering with culture? Presenting and facing challenges from the point of view of the natural sciences and the culture sector.

Click the here to find out more and follow this link to book your place. Biophilic art will create a space to pause, be present and sit with the science of climate and ecological crisis, leading to a series of creative actions.

Biophilic art is based on the understanding that culture is at the heart of people’s identity and creativity is essential for us to adapt and change entrenched habits and behaviour. We believe that both artists and designers have a crucial role to play in the dialogue of climate change adaption and mitigation. Biophilic art can open a collaborative community-facing place no matter our background and explore our individual relationships to internal nature and external nature – bringing out a shared vision where art meets science, engineering and social engagement.

More information about the project here: www.saltroad.org.uk https://www.biophiliccities.org/biophilic-art

(art credit Jaime Jackson and Ella-Rose Jones)

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