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In our efforts to effectively address human caused climate breakdown and ecological collapse we must also acknowledge and address fundamental issues of inequality in the world. 

This summer, inspired by Black Lives Matter and standing in solidarity with all who experience racial discrimination, violence and abuse, HGN are sending out materials to support the development of virtual or actual Reading Rings in our membership groups around the county. Over the summer we are inviting you to team up with friends, colleagues or just within your own household – read books, watch films, and take time to discuss and share your thoughts about the issues and emotions they raise for you. 

Welcome to Week 3

Many of our recommendations are based on support materials that are being used by other organisations in the UK, and on the work of Check Your Privileges / Social Graces.

ReadingNatives by Akala “Natives is not an easy book to categorise and for some it will not be an easy book to read, full as it is of uncomfortable statistics about the effects of race and equally disturbing truths about British history…” 

For families: This recording of award winning rap artist Dave performing ‘Black’ at the Brits in February 2020 contains lots of contemporary, political, challenging and thought provoking material – powerfully and beautifully performed.

Film: A short video interview with cricket commentator and player Michael Holding, introducing why this work is so important.

And a film that is hailed as Britain’s first black feature film: “Pressure” is a brilliant and honest look back to 1970s London, and the plight of a bright young black British school leaver and his growing sense of alienation. “An angry but sincere and balanced film, Pressure deals with the identity struggles that children of immigrants have to face and Horace Ové makes the most of his combination of professional actors and local non-actors from the streets of London”.

If you have just discovered HGN’s ‘we stand in solidarity with…’ series and would like to access more materials, just go to the HGN website News archive and search on ‘we stand in solidarity with….’

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