TV Repairs…

BBC2’s The Repair Shop are seeking damaged family & community heirlooms for a second series & objects of special significance at Christmas time for their Christmas special. The series follows a team of passionate and skilled crafts people who fix, repair and breathe new life into objects brought in by members of the public.

A ragged teddy bear given to a grandparent decades ago, a damaged sleigh that once decorated the town square, a favourite train set a parent would like to pass on to their child Christmas morning, anything of personal sentimental value or importance to a community can be repaired and preserved for generations to come.

The team is especially eager to restore a sleigh that could decorate a town at Christmas time and to repair damaged items for the second series.

Is there anyone out there in rural Herefordshire with an idea to add to this…?


If you have something to offer please email or call 01273 224829


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