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Here is a message from Flight free UK

You might have heard of our campaign, Flight Free UK, which asks people to take a year off flying to reduce their emissions and encourage a social shift away from flying.

We have just launched our pledge for flight free 2021 and would be very grateful if you could spread the word with your group. There are three levels of pledge: to be flight free in 2021; to be leisure flight free in 2021; to be flight free for life. The pledge is here:

Of course, this year has been a very different picture for aviation. Many people have stayed grounded, not through choice, but through necessity. We know that positive climate action is much more meaningful when people make an informed decision to fly less, or not at all, and that those decisions will lead to genuine behaviour change and a shift in the narrative around travel.

Our video explains why going flight free is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and how it can lead to social change. 

Our campaign is just one small part of the overall picture of reducing our climate change emissions, and we’re confident that it can make a positive and significant impact. We hope that you and the people in your organisation are inspired to join our pledge for a flight free 2021.

Any help you can give us in sharing our pledge would be very much appreciated. Posts for sharing are below, and do let us know if you’d like to hear more.

With very best wishes, Ruby Puckering, Intern, Flight Free UK

And some good news – our vegan cafe has been given a grant of £500 towards fitting out the kitchen from the Transition: Bounce Forward fund.

Regards from Annie. Membership Secretary Transition Leominster –