Transition Leominster and the Energy Descent Action Plan

Thursday 13th June 7.00pm at Leominster Community Centre, School Road HR6 8NJ.
Transition Leominster is the local group working towards an equitable, sustainable and resilient Leominster. We are all much more aware now of things like plastic in the oceans, air pollution and the need to reduce our carbon footprints. In response, the UK Government, Herefordshire Council and Leominster Town Council have all recently declared Climate Emergencies. What does this mean and what should we do next? What are the challenges and opportunities in moving towards a more sustainable future and a greener economy?
Transition Leominster are creating an ‘Energy Descent Action Plan’, a route map to help us all identify the steps we can take towards a zero carbon Leominster. Join us and like minded partners in the Herefordshire Green Network for a brain storming session to map out what we can do to make a difference in our town. This is a free event and refreshments are provided. For more information please email or phone Jenny 01568 368509

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