Thinking of switching to a heat pump? HGN Building Sense event this Wed!

Building Sense: creating comfort + cutting carbon event: Wed 28th April 5.30pm

Will a heat pump provide the comfort and the carbon reductions you’re after? What to consider, what to ask installers.

Switching from the familiarity of a conventional heating boiler to a heat pump as your source of heating is a big step.

Is there any truth in the scare stories that heat pumps won’t get our houses warm enough? Are hot radiators actually what we want – or simply comfortably warm rooms? How can you be sure that you’ll get affordable electricity bills? What do you do first – add extra insulation or put in a heat pump? Does a heat pump need a special electricity connection? Can you choose to run it when there’s low-carbon electricity on the grid? Will you need a special large tank to store heat? Will the heat pump heat your hot water too, or should that be done separately? Can you combine heat pumps with solar? Are air-source heat pumps noisy?

Join us as heat pump consultant John Cantor talks us through some of these key questions, and also hear briefly from Dominic McCann about how he prepared his home for a heat pump by turning down the gas boiler – and was comfortably surprised!

Bring questions – but please be aware that John may not be able to give specific/ personalised advice at this session.

(We don’t plan to spend long looking at the detail of how heat pumps work, so take a look here )

Part of the HGN Building Sense: creating comfort + cutting carbon initiative.

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(If you want to do some homework before the event, check out John Cantor’s website and our resource here)

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