The Portal to The Great Collaboration is ready to go!

The Herefordshire Green Network, in collaboration with Caplor Horizons and with funding from the MCS Charitable Foundation, has been developing an innovative online web-platform for local councils as an engagement tool for their communities.

The Portal has been developed in Herefordshire by local/national experts and local people and is currently being launched/piloted in the village of Fownhope, personalised as “Five for Fownhope”.

The Portal helps us choose from a huge range of ‘Actions’ that will reduce our impact on the environment. These ‘Actions’ have been extensively researched and we are delighted that The Centre for Alternative Technology were able to help us with their design.

What’s more … depending on which actions we choose and act on – and which we don’t, and in particular WHY we don’t – then our local parish / district councils will be able to see where local people need more support to get active.

The website resources we have developed will offer support for those councils developing their own local strategies, and a way of working with their local community that will be both inspirational and practical, enabling communities to engage with the climate emergency in a way that provides local outcomes, inspires community action and allays feelings of impotency in the face of climate anxiety.

If you would like this innovative web platform to be made available in your local parish join us on the journey… and become part of The Great Collaboration for Herefordshire!

Try it out for yourself and join The Great Collaboration

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