The Nomadic Museum of Natural History – invitation to private showing

From Tim Kaye at Clan CIC

You are invited to a private viewing of the Nomadic Museum of Natural History on the 11th October. It will be at Station Meadow (next to the park) in Peterchurch and you can book on anytime between 10 and 5pm.

There is of course a limit of 5 people at a time and displays will be spaced out. Unlike other events with the museum, due to the current restrictions, most objects will not be able to be handled. But there is still lots to see: live invertebrates, skulls, poo, fungi, shells, galls, plants and more from around the United Kingdom. The tiny museum is an engagement project that reconnects us to the natural world but is big on fun.

It would be great to see you, please email to book a place and time or for more details.

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