The HGN Great Collaboration – update

It has been nearly a year since The Great Collaboration moved to the virtual world and in that time, we have engaged with more councillors and clerks than ever before. Our workshops and member gatherings are well attended and councillors have joined us for workshops about:

  • clean energy generation
  • natural flood management
  • trees
  • transport and
  • retrofitting buildings for energy efficiency

…to name a few. If you missed a workshop or gathering then take a look at the recordings which can be found here.

Our strength lies in our network and we now have 12 member councils! These councils have made a commitment through their declarations of a Climate and Ecological Emergency but they are now standing by their promise to mitigate climate change and become more sustainable in a way that is compatible with improving the quality of life for everyone in the community.

Our monthly drop in forums for our parish council members are just beginning and we hope that through these new found relationships and networks we can continue to drive change through action.

As well as our events we continue to update the resources section of the website which can be found here. This section is specifically for local councillors and clerks and includes the topics we toured with in Stage 1 of The Great Collaboration.

As if that wasn’t enough- we have also been working on a GC Parish Portal website which will track and capture information about local community responses to the climate crisis and give information on carbon reduction actions that an individual or organisation can make. The tool encourages cross community collaboration and will provide information and certainty for local councils as they assess the needs of their residents in the development of carbon descent action plans- more on that next week! I’ll be endeavouring to keep you all updated further and if you would like to know more about the project or how to encourage your local council to become a part of it then please email Beth