The Great Collaboration brings Herefordshire one step closer to a zero carbon future.

The first workshops of The Great Collaboration: Leading to a Zero Carbon Herefordshire are well under way with over 45 councillors engaged so far.

Herefordshire’s Green Networks new initiative, in collaboration with Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC), is working with councillors across Herefordshire to identify opportunities arising from Herefordshire County Council’s declaration of a Climate Emergency.

Workshops focus on carbon cutting and community engagement across four key areas: energy generation, transport, building and agriculture.  Councillors have the opportunity to discuss these areas with experts and facilitators, swapping ideas and generating action plans that are unique to the challenges of their local area.

From local car share schemes and retrofitting buildings to community energy generation and tree planting projects, the solutions are out there, and our councillors are showing the ambition to make Zero Carbon Herefordshire a reality.

So far successful workshops have been held in Kington, Hereford and Bromyard with further workshops in Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye and Leominster planned for the New Year. If you would like to participate, or would like further information about the project, contact Connie Orbach:

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