Talks and Discussion Evenings – online!

HGN are pleased to share the news from the Left Bank/De Koffe Pot of more of their popular events that are now taking place online via the free and popular Zoom software. For access instructions for any of the following upcoming events, please email

Wednesday 22nd April – Is now the time to introduce a Universal Basic Income? 

7.30pm – 8.10pm and 8.20pm – 9pm

Perry Walker and Nigel Higgs introduce us to the concept and trials of the unconditional regular payment to all citizens that have been done elsewhere in the first half of the session. In the second half of the session we use breakout rooms to explore the topic in more depth and discuss if a trial in Herefordshire could ever be a possibility. 

Wednesday 29th April – Bridging to the Future

Interim Observations on the Health and Happiness of Herefordshire during the Co-Vid 19 Pandemic 

7.30pm – 8.10pm and 8.20pm – 9pm

In the first half of the session, Franca, a local mindfulness practitioner, will help us to be more present and grounded, by reconnecting in body and mind with how we are and where we are. In this way, helping us to be more aware of each other and prepare our state of being for taking part in the discussion.  

In the second half of the session we will have time in small groups to discuss how we are feeling and how we are thinking, both about the here and now and about the future.  

Wednesday 6th May – Rejuvenation of the High Street: Hereford High Town and Beyond

7.30pm – 8.10pm and 8.20pm – 9pm 

STORYTELLING Every Thursday, 7.30pm – 8.45pm

Join us for the privilege of listening to two local storytellers, Austin Keenan and Alison Newsam. The stories will come from Scotland, the Middle East and beyond. 

BEDTIME STORIES FOR CHILDREN Every Friday, 6.30pm – 7pm

Children and their families are invited to listen to two local storytellers, Alison Newsam and Austin Keenan, who will be telling stories from around the world. The session will last from 6.30 to 7.00pm.

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