Sustainable Food Knighton campaign against another Intensive Poultry Unit

Sustainable Food Knighton are launching an appeal on Crowdjustice to raise funds towards legal costs for their upcoming judicial review of Powys Council’s approval of a planning application for yet another Intensive Poultry Unit (IPU), which means more pollution and more emissions of greenhouse gases.

Sustainable Food Knighton was set up by a group of Knighton residents who are deeply concerned about the cumulative effects of IPUs – Intensive Poultry Units – on the landscape, rivers, ecosystems and local communities of Powys. (Developments in Powys can impact on stretches of the Wye that run through Herefordshire)

We are bringing a legal challenge to require proper scrutiny of proposals for factory farms and to put an end to the casual attitude to approving these facilities that continue to destroy our environment, our countryside and air and water quality. In addition to protecting Knighton, our case has the potential to set precedent across England and Wales to ensure that councils do not turn a blind eye to the impacts of industrial farming.

Sustainable Food Knighton

Click here to support them and find out more about: the problem with chicken poo; the campaign so far and why they are taking legal action; and why they need funds.

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