Sustainability West Midlands is Looking for a Youth Action and our Young Director

Around the world climate change is becoming ever more the centre of discussion. We’re seeing the response of the younger generations, who are unsatisfied with the actions, or lack of, from current world leaders.

At SWM we believe it’s essential that young voices are heard. We reserve space on our board for a ‘Young Director’ and introduced this position three years ago. We have since worked with hugely successful and dedicated individuals such as Ruth Corral and Matt Beveridge, who has just finished his time as our second Young Director. We are very pleased to announce that we have this week recruited our third Young Director, Christopher Brown. Christopher is Energy and Active Travel Officer at Herefordshire Council and will a fresh perspective on governance at SWM.

We also provide opportunities for to students to work alongside us, developing their skills and understanding as well as their passion for sustainability. This is a route I chose, starting with volunteering and subsequently securing my full-time position of Sustainability Adviser. I am now helping to develop our visions and goals by updating our Roadmap and spreading our message and reach as far as possible.

Read our full comment and learn about other opportunities for young people in the West Midlands as well as some of the inspiring individuals and campaigns that have driven action.

Tom Hendy, Sustainability Adviser, on behalf of the SWM Team

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