Spring Greens Fair Returns!

There’s Something in The Air! It’s Spring Greens Environmental F’air 4th & 5th May 2019! Herefordshire’s Green Networking opportunity of the year! A glorious weekend for a grand show and tell with friends old and new. Spring Greens Fair began life in 2008 as a Gathering for the new Transition Town inspired environment groups springing up all around Herefordshire and the Marches. A chance to continue conversations without agendas, to get to know each other better as colleagues become friends.This year’s event offers the HGN groups and organisations the chance to make an exhibition of ourselves; to engage 1,000 people in conversation about what we do and to discuss the issues which concern us all. There may be even more people coming who are new to the Network; the meteoric rise of XR propelling the urgency of these issues and demanding real change. Today our local councils are declaring that we are in a Climate Emergency but The Big Question is what can we all do to make the changes we want to see? Bring it on! There will be Forums for open discussion and some presentations but we also want your creative responses; your music, art & theatre; your workshops & activities to demonstrate & exhibit all that we do. Acting Locally whilst thinking Globally.This year’s theme is “The Air”We all live in the Airth on this beautiful Planet EarthWe will be flying our kites with messages of hope and windsocks of repurposed materials – up, up and away cycling! From Paper Planes & Insects to Flights of Fancy, there is always a great Atmosphere at Spring Greens Fair. People get the chance to find the conversation they were looking for, space for intimate and personal connections to be made. We don’t have punters – we are all participants : )So bring what inspires you and share it.Contact RichieTel: 07777661252Email: info@springgreens.org.uk More details will follow ….  

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