Sharing Culture at TAWAI

Thanks to all of you who joined the showing of TAWAI last night – and especially to large group who joined us to sit outside in the coolness of the summer’s evening, and reflect on the themes and issues raised for us all by the film.

Thanks to our panelists Cecibel Egan (Pachamama) and Jon Dover (Integral View) for their fascinating insights. Jon’s interest is in the development and transformation of human consciousness based on the ideas of Ken Wilbur, and he drew on Wilbur’s model of human evolution in our discussion. Pachamama is a group of four women from around the UK who will be travelling to Bolivia in October with our prayers and messages of reconnection to the Earth.

Cecibel talked a little about Pachamama in our discussion, and also drew on her own family background in rural Peru as we talked about the inspirational egalitarian hunter-gatherer society featured in the film.  Director Bruce Parry particularly highlights the move from hunter-gather society to agricultural society as the inevitable point of change in our relationship with the land – but also with each other. It is a transition from a culture where ‘personality and wellbeing is inseparable from the group and the landscape…’ to one of ownership – possession, and exploitation.

Our group regretted that the key players in the film were so dominantly male, but otherwise in equal part felt moved, saddened and uplifted by the themes the film portrayed. We would have liked to have sat and discussed for longer … but as the lights turned off in the Courtyard we too disappeared off into the night on our separate journeys home around 10.30pm.


Our next film at the Courtyard will be a showing of In Our Hands on Thursday 25th October to follow h.Energy. 

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