Richard Priestley: New series of talks on the Big Questions – starting Wednesday 8th July

From Richard: There is a network of interlinked crises: climate, ecological, inequality. The global stimulus plans for a post Covid world look set to pump countless billions into propping up polluting and destructive industries. There is much talk of a ‘Green New Deal’. 

How should we invest vast sums of money to best effect: to rapidly decarbonise the global economy, ensure nature has the space to heal itself and at the same time create a safe and comfortable life for 7.7 billion people? Is Population a Problem? What is the relationship between technological change, behavioural change and political change? How much energy could we sustainably use?

A few weeks ago, I did a podcast for the Cathedral. The subject was the politics of climate change. A number of people have watched the podcast and e-mailed things they would like me to expand upon, or other things I might have mentioned but didn’t. This podcast is 33 minutes. The new talks, via Left Bank online Zoom sessions, will build on some of the ideas in this podcast, and on some of my old ‘Global Problems: Global Solutions’ evening classes, some of my blogs and much new material. 

The series of talks is not set in stone: it will evolve in response to questions and comments from each session. Initial sessions will have global focus. Later sessions may concentrate on what could be done locally.

The first talk “Big Questions: ‘Unthinkable’ Answers” will be on Wed 8th July at 7.30pm. Further details to come.

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