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As of today, Jan 29th 2019 and lasting until March 11th 2019, there will a public consultation on walking, cycling, bus and public space improvements in Hereford. It is thought that the main reason for this is to prepare for a possible bypass, so it is important that those interested in improving public transport links, as well as walking and cycle routes for the benefit of the community as a whole speak up at this time.

For a copy of the letter of invitation from Cllr Price;

Public exhibitions will be;

Jan 29th – 31st
Feb 4th – 7th and
Feb 12th – March 9th

This document from Cambridge give a view on city transport schemes  that might be of interest:

It reads:

“Congestion-reduction measures can be thought of as falling into two categories: temporary and virtuous.

Temporary measures free up road capacity that is soon filled by induced demand: people adapt their lifestyles to prevailing road conditions. Such measures are therefore worth pursuing only if they either buy time or lay the foundations for more radical interventions. We take a quick look at measures in this category that should not be considered as solutions – at least not in isolation.

Virtuous measures start a feedback loop that induces more and more people to make a modal shift away from driving. Making a bus service more convenient or cheaper will increase patronage, which means that the service can be run more frequently and for longer hours, making it convenient and attractive to more people. These are the changes transport policy must support.”

Carole Protherough from Clehonger has done much work on the significant ill health caused by traffic pollution as this precis of some of her work shows:




  • Air pollution causes an estimated 40,000 premature deaths a year in the UK:the World Health Organisation calls it a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY
  • School run exposes children to diesel particulates — this stunts lung and brain growth and is a major risk for childhood asthma (2)
  • In 2016, toxic nanoparticles from air pollution were found in human brains; this causes a huge reduction in intelligence, with an average impact of losing a year of education, as well as an increase in childhood mental illness (3)
  • ASTHMA DEATHS: up 25% in a decade thanks to illegal levels of pollution (4)
  • Asthma now costs the health service at least £1.1 billion per year (5)
  • Older people — 40% greater risk of developing dementia in those exposed to highest levels of nitrogen oxide, as well as cardiovascular and pulmonary problems (6)
  • Youngest people — sooty particles found in placentas of London mothers, increasing risk of premature birth, low birth weight and miscarriages. As bad as smoking (7)

The Council argue that the SLR will reduce pollution in the South Wye Area by removing traffic from the A465. However, forecasts show that the SLR will only make a minimal difference to traffic levels on the A465, which will be quickly cancelled out by population growth from new development.

Further reading:   which contains The case for shifting road spending to sustainable travel’

Diary dates:

31-01-19 Climate Conversations – 12 Characters In Search Of An Apocalypse – contact Cathy on

04-02-19 South Herefordshire group meet 7pm Quakers meeting house 3A Brampton St, Ross-on-Wye HR9 7EQ

05-02-19 Draft Minerals and Waste Plan at The Courtyard…I have no details, please confirm with The Courtyard

08-02-19 Sian Berry in Leominster and at De Koffie Pot….please contact Hereford Green Party

09-02-19 Non-violent Direct action (NVDA) training – please book a place at

09-02-19 XR Hereford Call Out gig The Richmond Place Club

10-02-19 Golden Valley group meeting Peterchurch Hub 5pm

15-02-19 XR National Youth strike

25-02-19 South Herefordshire group showing ‘Heading For Extinction and What To Do About It’  St Mary’s Church Hall, Ross 7-9pm

02-03-19 The Work That Reconnects De Koffie Pot  2 -6 pm  booking required please, more details to come.


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