Huge thanks to our team of Plastic Auctioneers who were out in force over the May Bank Holiday weekend at Hereford River Carnival (.. and possibly also at Spring Greens…).

We stamped many paper bags with our gorgeous #PAH! logo …& gave them away (to stall holders, the public, the Etsy market) … we enthusiastically engaged the public with ideas about how to reduce their plastic … we made ingenious paper bags & plant pots out of folded newspaper (thanks Annie!) … we had so much fun with biodegradable glitter wrestling (thank you @FairyLove!)! … we made and enjoyed some fabulous recycled plastic arts (thanks to the wonderful Arts Lab) … our Recycling Angels did an amazing job of sorting and collecting Carnival waste dressed in tutus & glitter … and we started to hatch plans for phase 2 of our actions…

So – next steps… (amongst other things…) will be persuading Herefordshire supermarket shoppers and supermarkets themselves to swap their plastic vegetable bags & wrappings for paper / cloth.

If you would like to be part of this action, please get in touch! Email kate@hgnetwork.org and we’ll let you know what we are planning…


And don’t forget this excellent ‘Living Without Plastic’ workshop from New Leaf at Queenswood on 19th May:

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