PACHAMAMA in Herefordshire


In November 2018 four travelling sisters will be making their Pachamama ⌘ Earth Mother Prayer Journey to the Bolivian Andes. This is envisioned as a symbolic affirmation at this time of tumult, a remembering of kindness and wild tenacious hope in empowering our custodianship of the earth, and a carrying of threads to add to the ongoing work of womankind in strengthening connections between our ancient lands, our diverse cultures and our resilient, brilliant spirits.

They would like to invite you to be woven into the cloth of this journey… They have already hosted two Pachamama evenings during the winter to raise energy for this project and to gather your prayers and blessings to carry to Bolivian sisters; they will be sharing at third Pachamama evening on the edge of Herefordshire in Hay-on-Wye this spring.

They will offer music, songs, stories, mountain dances, rituals, traditional Andean food and drink plus their own craft works. They will share words from the Bolivian Pachamama Law and teach you to sing to Mother Earth in Quechua.

Together we will weave a cloth that catches our collective vision for this world.


APRIL 28 Saturday

HAY‐ON‐WYE, Brilley Village Hall,7pm‐10pm, everyone welcome

For more information or to reserve your place please contact Naomi:


For each evening drinks and vegetarian Andean supper are included, cakes available to buy.No tickets in advance but please reserve your place by email as these will be popular evenings and the venues are intimate! Bring a drum if you have one; bring your dancing feet.

Ticket price: £15 (£10 for benefits/low income), cash on the door.

With thanks and welcome from Carolyn Hillier, Cecibel Egan, Jilly Dowse and Naomi Ocean

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