Optimistic thoughts from Gordon Coppock

Gordon is an HGN Steering Group member and shared these thoughts with the rest of the HGN Steering Group ahead of our AGM last week – they contain a positive message for us all

Just before we start another online meeting I wanted to share with you some positive thoughts about one of the consequences of this strange life changing period we find ourselves in.

As you know we (HGN) had fortunately started experimenting using Zoom before all the Covid stuff last year, since as an environmentally focussed group we needed to set a role model. I’ve just tried to put it into more perspective 

Lets assume we have had 10 HGN Steering group meetings online, with 10 of us attending, ( I think we have had many more between us all). Taking some realistic mileages for round trip journeys and assuming all average cars (not EV’s) that comes out to approximate figures of 3000 miles between us (As an example its typically 22 miles one way for me, 10m for others from Fownhope, averaged out across the HGN group)

This relates to approx 900 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide avoided in emissions direct to the atmosphere. This is nearly a Tonne !

Well done folks !! 

Plus, particularly for those of us sitting in traffic jams in Hereford to get to the meetings there is the air pollution – a mile drive in congested traffic takes about 12 mins of life away from the rest of the nearby population (this is from the Nitrous Oxide and the small particulates PM2.5). (This is taken from here )

We are also reducing congestion in Hereford, reducing the need for other roads etc

So yes right now I would love to see you all again and be having a social drink with you but overall what we have been doing and are now getting much better at it is a really important part of what we need to do in the future – this is not just a temporary situation if we are focussed on climate change.. We need to think about how in the future we can use less energy in all our daily activities – this will also apply to the driving of electric cars even though they are 4 times more efficient.

 But hopefully we can still make time for a few in person sessions as well !

 Very Best Wishes, and well done for all the efforts using Zoom, Jamboards and making each one better and better. 

Online meetings are also encouraging participation from a wider audience in general, which must be a good thing.


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