Online Offerings: Latest resources from the Climate Emergency UK group

Climate Emergency UK have just issued their latest resources:

Scientists Warning Europe have arranged three workshops on Thursday 25th March for Councillors & Council Staff to encourage more ambition with climate & ecological emergency targets and action plans.

Searchable database of Local Authority Climate Emergency Action Plans

71% of Local Authorities have now produced recent climate action strategies and/or action plans. We have worked with My Society to create a constantly updated, searchable database We actively search for new and updated plans, but sometimes they’re buried deep in council minutes! Do check the database to make sure we have the latest version for your local authority.

Our evolving Climate Action Plan Checklist

How comprehensive is your local authority action plan? Compare it with our checklist and see what, if anything, is missing. Do email us with your feedback so we can continue to improve it. We’ve added lots of resources and examples of great projects in the most recent update.

Local Authority Climate Officers and Climate Contacts

Have you ever struggled to find the contact information for who to contact in your council about climate related matters? We certainly have! So we are creating a directory of who to contact about climate related things within all local authorities across the UK. We need your help! Who would you contact within your local authority? Are you the contact? Please complete this form.