On the Buses – thank you!

Thanks very much to Les Lumsdon and Anna Heywood for their contribution to last week’s very interesting and thought provoking HGN Gathering – ‘On the Buses’.

Les was particularly informative about Herefordshire bus services and policy, and alerted the audience to the possible development of a Hereford ‘transport hub’. The ‘hub’ – which should be sited next to Hereford train station – will provide coordination and facilities for those who are travelling by public transport around the county.

The hub’s development will be crucial for rural travellers – but also for local tourism, as car-free city dwellers make their way to our lovely county for their weekends and holidays…

In Herefordshire it is sometimes difficult to imagine areas of the UK where people are choosing to abandon their cars in favour of public transport. However Les stressed the figures that support the concept of ‘peak car’ – and the increasing decline of car use, particularly in urban areas.

Anna talked more specifically about the inspiring Hay Ho Community Bus – a Sunday service that is vital for local people but also for local tourism. Local businesses and Hay-on-Wye residents worked together to develop a supporters fund to continue the bus service when it was threatened with termination. Working with Yeomans, and also with Herefordshire Council to cover the legalities, this is a possible model for other local communities threatened with the closure of local services…

More information, including links to timetables (…in order for you to support this community bus service!) is available here: www.hayhobus.org.uk


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